TestBash Is Coming To Dublin!!!
17th July 2017

Ministry of Testing’s now world famous TestBash is finally landing in Dublin. Myself (@dar_dar), Gus Evangelisti (@augeva ), Maria Connor (@mariaconnor ), and Walter Zimerman (@codeCotopus ) have been running testing meetups in the Dublin community for some time. The growth has been amazing to watch. We can’t wait to show off the community with this TestBash.

The venue is brilliant! We will be running this at the Smock Alley Theatre. The date I hear you ask? It will be all happening on Friday, May 18th, 2018. So get in early with asking your manager and getting the time free. Maybe you could even prepare a talk, even one of the famous 99-second talks.

Want To Speak?

Has something interesting happened to you recently? Do you have a fun testing story to share? We want to hear it. Stories, as they happened, are very important to help improve our learning. We love to hear from the community and it encourages learning and conversation.

This is all about the Dublin software testing community and our stories. It would be brilliant if you could share yours. We are well known for supporting new speakers too, just email us at dublin@ministryoftesting.com if you would like any kind of support helping you prepare a submission or talk. 

We have a Continuous Call for Papers – this means you can submit a talk at any time to be considered for conferences you are interested in.  To be considered specifically for Dublin then please ensure you select Dublin and submit by September 30th, 2017.

We are very much ALL about the community. This event is for you. If there is anything you would like to see or hear please get in touch via dublin@ministryoftesting.com   As per normal, we will be planning socials pre and post TestBash, LeanCoffee, 99 Second talks.  If you come, plan to be kept busy and entertained!

This is going to be a brilliant day for sharing and really putting Dublin on the wider testing communities map. We hope to see you there, to show Ministry of Testing what Dublin can do.

Submit to speak by September 30th, 2017.

All the best,

Darryn Downey and the TestBash Dublin team