TestBash Philadelphia 2017 is Live!
22nd May 2017

TL: DR Tickets are here. 16 talks, a circus and an awesome party. Limited Super Early Bird tickets available.

I’m very excited to launch our final TestBash of 2017, TestBash Philadelphia! The event was a huge success last year, fantastic energy and really good vibes, something we aim to recreate this year.

So what do we have lined up for 2017?

The event will be two days. 16 talks delivered in our single track format. Topics include DevOps, Pipelines, Security, Performance, Coaching, Testing Leadership, Automation, Emotions, Prototyping, Risks and the hunt for a Sasquatch. We have fantastic experienced speakers and some exciting new first time speakers. We’ll always support new speakers.

After the success of the reverse scavenger hunt last year, we’ve been trying to think of something new and unique for this year’s event. Taking on some feedback from last year, we’ve decided on a circus! Sadly not a circus made up of animals and clowns, but an awesome education circus. The TestBash Circus is going to consist of 10-15 mini activities lead by the speakers and invited instructors. Each activity will have its own space in the venue and be run repeatedly in parallel, allowing attendees to rotate around the ones that interest them the most. Each activity will be 10-30 minutes long and also be designed to be doable post the event. Some will be technical and require a laptop, some theory based and some just good fun! A really good opportunity to get hands-on, practice the content of the speaker talks and work alongside other attendees.

We’re also repeating the awesome social we had last year on Thursday night. We’ll be having a BBQ, fire pits, s’mores, outside games, and much more. A great opportunity to reflect on the day and meet some new people.

So there it is, a short summary of the event, instead of repeating all the details of the talks here, I encourage you to go and read them all over on the events page on The Dojo.

The event is also looking for sponsors, so if your company is interested in supporting TestBash Philadelphia through sponsorship, details of all the options can be found here.

P.S. the Super Early Bird price is limited, so book fast, and remember last year we came very close to selling out!

Richard Bradshaw