TestBash San Francisco 2019 Tickets Are Live!
6th May 2019

Grab Your TestBash San Francisco Ticket Now!

That’s right, tickets to our software testing conference, TestBash, in San Francisco are now on sale.

We’re heading back to the Cowell Theatre in San Francisco for a two-day single-track conference on November 6-7, 2019.

Once again, we have an exciting lineup with a truly diverse range of speakers and topics. There is something for everyone in the software testing community. We’re sure you will feel right at home when you arrive.

  • Behavior-Driven Pragmatism with Andrew Knight
  • The Poorly Titled TestOps Talk with Alexander Langshall
  • Your Brain on Usability: UX for QAs with Jessica Versaw
  • Cultivating Your Tester Ecosystem: Growing a QA Department from the Ground Up with Matthew Record
  • Automation Yoga: Stretching ROI with a Testing SDK with Brendan Connolly
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Test Automation with Angela Riggs
  • Stacking The Automation Deck with Paul Grizzaffi
  • The "Do Nots" of Testing with Melissa Tondi
  • Growing Test Managers with Eric Proegler
  • This is What a Tester Looks Like with Charlene Granadosin & Charlotte Bersamin
  • Integrating AI Into Your Tests with Jennifer Bonine
  • Test Machina: Demystifying AI-Driven Test Automation with Tariq King
  • Observability: Unlearn Guessing, Reduce Stressing and Learn to Embrace Reality with Rob Meaney
  • Devs Should Love Your Tests with Carlos Kidman
  • From Rags to Riches: Turning Your Test Automation Into a Cinderella Story with Niranjani Manoharan
  • Accessibility Testing 101 with Crystal Preston-Watson

We’ve got meetups, talks and some exciting surprises too. Attending TestBash San Francisco will take you on a learning journey from professional growth and mentoring to automation and DevOps to accessibility and usability and everything in between.

The Super Early Bird price is limited (and a bargain!), so check out the lineup and register for your super early bird tickets fast! Tickets start from just $999.

But if you want a real bargain, go Pro on The Dojo (as an individual or a team) and you’ll qualify for an extra $100 off each ticket (plus access to some amazing learning resources).


If you want to support us for this amazing event, we are looking for sponsors. This is a great opportunity to present your brand to hundreds of highly engaged testers.
For more details on the sponsorship options, check out our sponsorship page or email sanfrancisco@ministryoftesting.com.