🎙️ TestBashX Brighton Speakers Announced!

Our two speakers for TestBashX Brighton 2022 have been confirmed. What a treat we're in for!

TestBashX Brighton 2022 is fast approaching and we are now happy to announce our two speakers for our first in-person conference this year and post-pandemic lock-downs!


The speakers making an appearance at TestBashX Brighton are: David Williams, AKA 'The Testing Muse' across the social media channels and Callum Akehurst-Ryan, creator of Ramone, the testing mascot!

David and Callum will be joined by our Brighton guru and host, Emma Keaveny, on the 31st of March.


In case you asking, 'only 2 talks?', yes!

The day will start with David's talk 'The Most Valuable Talk Ever?' and will end with Callum's talk 'How Gaming Made Me a Better Tester'.

🥪 Sandwiched between these talks we'll have a Learning Circus: an active, cooperative learning approach that involves groups of people moving around a space, visiting several learning stations and completing authentic collaborative tasks. Put simply, it’s loads of mini-workshops that you will complete with fellow testers. More details on the activities will be announced soon.


🎟️  Don't want to miss the first in-person testing conference of the year? Get your ticket now as they're selling fast! 


- Diana Dromey, EventBoss @ Ministry of Testing



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