TestBashX Edinburgh - A New Type of TestBash Joins the Family

TestBash, our software testing conference, is coming to Edinburgh for the first time with a twist!

A new TestBash software testing conference experience is being launched in Scotland; let us introduce you to TestBashX!

TestBashX is an authentic, hands-on, active learning experience that will take place on 26th June at the Central Hall in Edinburgh.

As always, Ministry of Testing is closely collaborating with local testers and this time all-round awesome community member Craig Wylie is working with us to bring this innovative event to you.

A quote from Craig:

I’ve always believed that great teams can solve impossible challenges, but didn’t realise there are communities out there like the Ministry of Testing that are pushing the boundaries of testing every day. I wanted part of this for myself and Edinburgh, I started the local meetup and its gone from strength to strength with the support of a great team and community.  With the MoT Glasgow and Newcastle meetups as established as Edinburgh it felt like a great time to create a unique event for Scotland.

I am proud to be partnering with such a great teaching community as Ministry of Testing, the experience and wealth of knowledge they bring to this type of event makes them an obvious choice to do this with. After all, they inspired me in the first place.

What's With the X?

The X stands for experience, which we know starts with an “E” but “X” sounded way cooler! TestBashX is designed to be an active learning experience that’s all about getting hands-on and doing some testing! The day will consist of an opening and closing talk, but sandwiched in between is a learning circus. 

A learning circus is an active, cooperative learning approach that involves groups of people moving around a space, visiting several learning stations and completing authentic collaborative tasks. Put simply, it’s loads of mini-workshops that you will complete with fellow testers.

The TestBashX Circus will be made up of several learning stations with carefully crafted testing challenges for you to complete in small groups. Each station will be run by a software testing expert and will focus on different testing topics. As an attendee, you'll then visit each station to ensure you get the most out of the day.

So What Should I Expect?

Two awesome talks from two accomplished international speakers in the testing community. We are so lucky to have them take part in this new, innovative event!

After the opening talk, you will be grouped up with fellow testers and you’ll stay in this group for the duration of the day while you complete circus activities. This grouping is essential to the learning circus approach and we are confident you will learn just as much from your fellow testers as you will from the testing experts running the stations. 

At the end of the day, you’ll walk away brimming with new knowledge and skills that you can implement at your workplace.

Sounds Great, What Else Should I Expect?

  • A fabulous MC to host the day,
  • lunch,
  • prizes,
  • notebooks,
  • some kick-ass tunes,
  • 99-second lighting talks,
  • a welcoming pre-TestBashX meetup,
  • a nourishing post TestBashX warm down,
  • and of course, there will be some awesome swag!

Amazing! How Can I Purchase a Ticket?

Our Pro Members get free access to TestBashX. 

Not yet a Pro Member? Then you can sign up for only £249 for the year. Pro Membership will grant you free access to TestBashX, discounts to other TestBash conference, training events and access to all the content on our site to accelerate your learning!

Already a Pro member? Just click “Register For Free” and we’ll see you there!

Not interested in Pro Membership but still want to attend? General sale tickets are £99 (inc VAT), but for an extra £150 you'll get so much more with Pro MoT.


Want to sponsor our warm down or one of our learning stations? There are only limited spaces available, check out the brochure below for more information


Do I need to bring a laptop?

No. All equipment for the activities will be provided by the station.

What if I don’t want to go into a random team?

Part of the goal of TestBashX is to meet new people and make new connections to help you with your learning long after the event has passed. It is also beneficial to learn from those that have entirely different experiences to you. TestBashX was designed around this. However, if you do not please let us know in advance if you want to pair with a friend or colleague.