We’ve Made Some Changes to Our Continuous Call for Papers (CCFP)

Call for Papers has changed so that submissions should be tailored to a specific event

We began our Continuous Call for Papers (CCFP) when our TestBashes covered multiple topics and were held all over the world. It wouldn’t matter what the subject was, as long as it was something the community wanted to learn about. However, thanks in part to switching to online due to the pandemic, and feedback from community members, it was decided to have multiple online TestBashes in a year, each focussed on a particular topic.

Because of this, the CCFP we had built was no longer fit for purpose, and we have instead made it so that a proposal must be submitted to a single event. Meaning that when submitting an abstract, this will need to be tailored to that event. We also added descriptions to the call for papers to make it clear just what we are looking for.

There was a lot to love in the CCFP idea though, and we certainly have ideas that would bring back the concept in ways that don't tie it to event formats. The goal is always the same, to find people who can speak about things the community wants to hear.

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