We’ve Updated Our Speaker Policy For Full-day Workshops at TestBash
23rd January 2019

Written By Richard.

We’ve made a change to our speaker policy around full-day workshops to make it fairer for everyone. Our previous remuneration was 50/50 profit share, which often resulted in a huge difference in remuneration for instructors. Not to mention the additional overhead from team MoT to produce the profit shares.

There are many motivations for changing this, but one of the biggest was that last year we had a few workshops that made a loss. On those occasions, we of course still paid speakers travel and accommodation and we paid them £500 because no one should have to do all that work with no remuneration. I’ve run and still run many workshops and they are a lot of work. To receive no financial remuneration is not acceptable, even if all parties accepted the risk of it happening. That is not the Ministry of Testing way.

Having said the above, we felt it was time for a new model. Taking inspiration from other events, and balancing what we believe to be fair for instructors and MoT, we’ve settled on the following:-

  • £1500 fee for the full-day workshop
    This way instructors know they are getting some financial reward for all the work they will be putting in to deliver a top-class workshop.

  • £50 per attendee after fifteen
    If your class proves to be hugely popular we feel it’s only fair to reward that. So, for example, if your class sold 22 places, your total fee would be £1850.

  • Expenses
    This shouldn’t need mentioning at all, but of course, we’ll be covering all your travel and accommodation expenses on top of the above-mentioned fees.

  • Class size limit
    Nothing has changed here, I just want to reiterate that we will never oversell your workshop. If you tell us your workshop limit is 24, we will sell no more than 24. Some events cram 60-90 people into a workshop, that is just wrong and unfair to everyone in that room; a terrible learning environment.

We hope you welcome this change we and hope to read a workshop abstract from you or see you at a TestBash conference soon.

Read our full speaker policy and our what speakers need to know QnA.