Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 408

Is the testing community moving onto forums and away from social media? Plus tonnes of helpful business posts, questions from the community and many ways to get involved.

Writing about your experiences can make you a better tester. 

I've seen folks in the community land jobs and speak at conferences and level up their skills because they wrote about their ideas and experiences. It sparks reflection, conversation and learning.

✍️ If you've published a testing-related blog post this month or need inspiration from those who write, head over to the latest Share Your Blog Post. There are already excellent entries from Steven, Jesper, Emna and Mike.

We've noticed more people are hanging out on The Club to discuss important testing topics. As a forum geek, this brings me joy. Recent changes to the design aim to improve your experience. Real-time chat channels are coming soon to allow conversations to shift between faster-paced chat and slower-paced discussions. Each will feed the other! 😀

Talking of topics. Do you have practical experience with a particular testing topic? Do you have the desire to share with the testing community? Find out what topics the community are interested in right now and become a Masterclass Specialist. I'm excited that monthly Masterclasses are back in 2023 — the aim is to start again in March. In the meantime, visit the Masterclass archive.

🎥 Richard Bradshaw had a good chat with Aaron Stearns who shared how you can parameterise your dataset to create and run a cross-platform test on mobile and desktop web

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


Can you help?

  1. Richard asks, how do you view testability and context?
  2. Meloncat would like you to share your triage process.
  3. What difficulties do you face when hiring QA professionals? Riz could do with some advice. 
  4. What do you think of this alternative holistic testing diagram?
  5. Can we talk about quality “engineering”? asks Caleb. 

And if you need help, I encourage you to ask a question


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