Software Testing News – Issue 468: The First Step

One small step leads to one giant leap. Discover many ways to join the testing, QA and quality engineering conversation and register for events. Read it all in this week's software testing news.

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What's been happening in the testing, QA and quality engineering community? Let's go! 🚛






AI in Testing

Tooling & Frameworks

Practice Testing

New to Testing


Just for Fun

Have a good week.

— Simon Tomes, part of the Community Team at Ministry of Testing



A collage of photos of people gathering at the MoT Athens meetup. There is a pink monster character photobombing one of the photos.
Gather with the testing community. Join an event, Slack and The Club.


🗓️ Events

New events are always added, so keep checking the events page for up-to-date info.


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Simon Tomes's profile

Simon Tomes

Community Team

Simon works in the community team at Ministry of Testing and his pronouns are he/him. Currently learning to be a better community enabler, he has a passion for all things testing with a career in various testing roles since 2003. He particularly enjoys promoting and sharing the value of exploratory testing.

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