This Test Can: Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 457

How can automation support your testing efforts? Find out what's been happening in the testing community and join testing events to support your career growth. All in this week's newsletter.

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It's Simon here with a roundup of what's been happening in the testing community. Let's go! 🛴




  • Calling all testers, AI geeks, and anyone curious about how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping software quality. Ready to dive into the mind-blowing world of AI? This March, we're launching 30 Days of AI in Testing, and you're invited to join the adventure!



Bug Reporting

Career Growth


  • "Part of our role is to provide meaningful information to all interested stakeholders so they can make better-informed decisions on time. Building and maintaining stable test stages plays a key role in helping our teams achieve a trustworthy CI / CD setup." This is sound advice from José Carréra. Are You Seeing RED? Restoring Reliability To Test Results. 😡


Exploratory Testing


Just for Fun


  • Kristin Jackvony encourages us to manage your manager. Think about what your manager wants, explain how your strategy will help your manager, approach your manager with data plus more! 


Models & Methodologies



Have a good week.

— Simon


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