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Inclusivity in the Times of Corona - Lina Zubyte

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Some people wonder if it’s the right time to continue talking about diversity & inclusion topics when we are struggling with a global pandemic. In Lina’s opinion, it’s the best time to raise all those questions. It’s the time when we can reset, reconsider the status quo, and make the new normal a better place.

In this webinar, she’ll introduce the topic of inclusion and its main concepts, head into why the pandemic made some of the inclusion problems more obvious, and how we can find a silver-lining and improve inclusivity matters in this situation.

About Lina:

Lina Zubyte is a Quality Advocate who believes in a whole team approach in building high-quality products.

She deeply cares about diversity & inclusion topics, empathetic leadership, and ethics of product development.

You can find out more about Lina's work by following her on Twitter.

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