Become A Ministry of Testing Dojo Course Creator

At Ministry of Testing, we want to create waves in the way software testers learn their craft. We want to make bite-sized, easy to consume video-based courses and learning pathways on all things testings! To achieve this, we are looking for software testing sages to share their wisdom with the community by co-creating online video courses with us! You should consider working with us if:

  • You love software testing!
  • You are knowledgeable or skilled in an area of software testing or area relating to working in software development.
  • You love to share your knowledge and advance the software testing craft.
  • You're up for the challenge of creating engaging and relevant video course content.
  • You want to give something back to the software testing community.
  • You'd like to make a (bigger!) name for yourself in the software testing industry.
  • You'd like to retain ownership of your content but get help creating and promoting your materials to the community.
  • You'd like to be financially rewarded for your content with a monthly passive income based on views

If all of the above sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee!) submit a course idea now, work with us and have your content on the biggest learning platform dedicated to all things testing with thousands of members worldwide!

What’s more, If you choose to become a MoT Dojo course creator we will support you in the design and creation of your video content. We’ll also promote your course to the community and pay you a revenue-based share to licence your content on the Dojo.

Please fill out this short form to register your interest in becoming a MoT Dojo course creator.