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Getting Started With Mobile Accessibility Testing - Ady Stokes

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Ady Stokes

Quality Engineering Architect

Talk Description

I’ve been an accessibility advocate for some time focusing on web testing. Accessibility is really important but particularly in mobile devices as a recent survey showed 96.9%, of users who responded indicated owning or using a wireless device such as a traditional smartphone. I had limited opportunities to really get into mobile accessibility testing and what I had done was more from an exploration perspective rather than actual testing. 

A recent job change has allowed me to really start looking into mobile testing and the similarities and differences to web accessibility. From understanding how to get an app from the codebase to the phone to be able to actually test. To getting to grips with all the different hand gestures on both iOS and Android it is a fascinating subject. 

Through this session, I hope to cover some of the questions I struggled to answer before it became my job to do this daily. I’ll explain why it is so important that you turn on shortcuts first, before beginning to test. I’ll show accessibility mode on my phone and show what a different experience this is. I’ll explain some of the gestures that are used and why cheat sheets are so valuable. I’ll talk about and show some of the tools you can use to support your testing efforts.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Compare the similarities and differences between web and mobile accessibility testing
  • Recognise how different a mobile phone being used in accessibility mode is
  • Use tips to get started with learning mobile accessibility
  • Identify useful mobile accessibility tools and when to use them
Ady Stokes's profile'

Ady Stokes

Quality Engineering Architect

About Speaker

@A11y_Ady on Twitter. Passionate about accessibility, exploring and testing as part of the creation and development of software. I help teams build better software and I strongly believe in collaborative methods and using different thought techniques and people perspectives to look at things from many angles. Accessibility is about inclusion, not just disability. In my career I’ve been a Director. Test, BI and Logistics Manager. Tester, Test Engineer, QA and Site Lead Tester and any other value adding role required at the time. I have also taught, coached and mentored people throughout my career. My career highlight is creating the Software Tester Apprenticeship for the Coders Guild and training people to get their first role in IT through government sponsored free training courses based on my apprenticeship. I now have my own blog at The Big Test sharing my thoughts, occasional poetry and my Periodic Table of Testing, a visual heuristic showing the breadth of the testing universe.

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