A Cosmic Conversation About the Evolution of AI

30th April 2024
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Jenna Charlton

Developer Advocate at Qase

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Bill Matthews

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Talk Description

In this session, Jenna and Bill engage in a fireside chat, discussing various aspects of AI, its impact, and its challenges. 

They touch upon real-world examples like Google's AlphaFold and LG's AI-assisted laundry systems, highlighting both the potential and the limitations of AI technology. 

They explore ethical concerns, valid applications, challenges and future prospects of AI integration in testing toolkits.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the intricate balance between the potential and limitations of AI in practical scenarios
  • Recognise ethical dilemmas and advocate for ethical decision-making to mitigate biases and potential harm
  • Address the evolving challenges in testing AI systems, while envisioning future opportunities for testers to adapt and innovate within this evolving landscape
Jenna Charlton's profile'

Jenna Charlton

Developer Advocate at Qase

Jenna is a QA and Developer Advocate with over a decade of experience. They’ve spoken at a number of dev and test conferences and is passionate about risk-based testing, building community within agile teams, developing the next generation of testers, and DEI. When not testing, Jenna loves to go to punk rock shows and live pro wrestling events with their husband Bob, traveling, and cats. Their favorite of which are the 2 that share their home, Maka and Excalipurr.
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Bill Matthews

Bill Matthews has been a freelance test consultant for over 20 years working mainly on complex integration and migration as a Test Architect and as a Technical Lead. He champions the use of modern and effective approaches to development and testing.

He is a regular contributor to the testing community at both local and international levels through conference speaking, coaching/mentoring and delivering workshops and training focusing on automation, performance, reliability, security testing and more recently artificial intelligence.

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