Why Do Testers Feel Lesser Than Developers?

17th April 2024
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Kulas Angeles

Director, DevOps Coach

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Talk Description

In my transition from a Quality Engineer to a DevOps Coach, I was able to see objectively by being out of the testing box how testing professionals sometimes feel inferior to developers. Now that I am wearing multiple lenses other than just testing, I realize how these misconceptions also plagued me in the past, and in this talk, I will share how I overcame them.

This talk confronts the perceived hierarchy between testers and developers to address the underlying causes of this disparity and presents strategies to overcome these misconceptions.

By challenging these misconceptions and offering actionable approaches, this talk aims to empower testers, fostering a more equitable and appreciative environment within the realm of software development.

The four common misconceptions about why testers feel inferior to developers and a summary of how to overcome them:

  1. That's just how it has always been - Testers should challenge the status quo and promote equality and recognition of the crucial role testers play in software development.
  2. I am not technical enough - Testers should be encouraged to learn and upskill continuously. This lessens the perceived gap between testers and developers.
  3. I don't have any tangible result that users can use - By making testing results more visible and understandable to stakeholders, we can demonstrate the value of testing. Making the intangible, tangible, and the invisible, visible.
  4. Anyone can test or testing is easy - Emphasize on the unique skill set and expertise testers possess. Differentiation through specialized knowledge, innovation, and contributions that elevate the quality and effectiveness of testing processes. ent within the realm of software development.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Adopt practical methods to challenge the status quo
  • Identify how to have a mindset for continuous learning
  • Use metrics and reporting to make the intangible, tangible, and the invisible, visible
  • Differentiate yourself from others
Kulas Angeles's profile'

Kulas Angeles

Director, DevOps Coach

Kulas, or Mark Nicholas Angeles, is currently a Director, DevOps Coach with Sun Life Financial. Kulas is a seasoned Engineering leader with more than 15 years of experience in IT mostly in quality engineering and DevOps. He worked with different companies mainly in the financial and insurance industries, such as the Development Bank of Singapore, Chubb Insurance, Manulife Financial, and RBC as a quality engineering leader supporting different activities in quality engineering and automation. Kulas holds a Master of Technology Management and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from the University of the Philippines. Kulas is an Associate Certified Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation focusing mainly on Life and Transition coaching for individuals, teams, and groups. He finished his life coaching training at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching in Toronto, Canada. Outside work, Kulas is a husband and a father to his 3 beautiful children. He also plays the drums, has a love for obstacle course racing, and is a Jesus follower.
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