Testing Intelligence for DevOps

Bitbar provides a scalable, AI-powered mobile app testing solution - Bitbar Testing - to help companies achieve CI/CD for mobile development by running tests across any number of real mobile devices simultaneously. Shorten development feedback loop and deliver quality applications faster with our unique technology - unlimited device concurrency.

Whether you want to automate mobile tests written in any open test frameworks, interact with real devices for remote manual testing, or perform AI-powered exploratory testing at scale, Bitbar Testing has you covered.

Bitbar Testing is integrable with DevOps tools like JIRA, Slack, Jenkins, HipChat, Gradle, etc. and highly flexible with Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise deployment options. Companies of any size can

  • either avail hundreds of real devices in the cloud for maximizing device coverage
  • or access privately hosted devices and dedicated testing infrastructure with enterprise-grade security, scalability and governance.