We often hear about how ‘test automation’ can go wrong, which is all fine and dandy for the pessimists in the audience, and balancing feel good positive case studies exist for the optimists. But what about the anarchists? What about the rule breakers? What about the pragmatists? In this talk Alan will explain how to ‘misuse’ the ‘automation’ tools you’ve heard so much about, because you need to get things done. You’ve no doubt heard that ‘Cucumber is not a test tool’, and you’ve no doubt noticed that people use Cucumber during their testing. It’s misuse cases like this that we will celebrate, and as a bonus, you’ll learn what Cucumber ‘really' is. We’ll look at other tools; to find out their true nature and how you can turn it to your personal advantage. To further groom you for success, we’ll explain the mental models which give you guilt free flexibility in your approach. If you’ve ever wanted an ‘expert’ to quote to give you permission to use the tools how you want, this is the talk for you.