30 Days of Tools - Community Roundup #2

Discover some of the highlights of Days 5 to 8 of 30 Days of Tools

Just over a week into 30 Days of Tools and it's been a total learn-fest! 📈

Thank you for keeping all the sharing and the chat going on the Club posts. It's great to see the community dive into any day regardless of the actual day.  You might feel pressure to actively do and share everything like those on The Club, yet you absolutely don't have to. Make it work for you and your approach.

Here is a tiny selection of replies worth checking out from Day 5 to Day 8. There is so much more to dig into! 👑

Congrats to Louise Gibbs  for sharing a blog post a day. 🎉 There's a whole tonne of useful reflections and information in there. Have a read of each day. And Lee Marshall agrees to take a leap into the world of Selenium. Nice one, Lee! 🏴‍☠️

Mirza answered all the questions about testing tools earlier this week. Talking of which, would you be open to making yourself available on a MoT Slack channel for 1 hour to answer any question about Testing Tools? 🤔 If so, reply to this message on Slack.

📺 There's also been YouTube live streams of Days 5, 6, 7, and 8 with Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham, plus Vernon Richards. Catch the recordings via this handy playlist

Enjoy exploring future 30 Days of Tools challenges. As the community grows their tool awareness they build connections along the way. 🙌

– Simon, CommunityBoss 

And here's a reminder to register for Test.bash();.

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