Posted: Jan 12, 2023

Annual Partners 2023!

We're delighted to announce our Annual Partners for 2023!  We will be working closely with Qameta Software, TestRail, Xray, mabl, LambdaTest and enov8.    We're hoping that by working with these trusted partners throughout 2023, we'll give both you and them plenty of chances to connect in a safe and meaningful way.  We're providing unique opportunities for our partners to share insights to their platforms, tools and upcoming events.  We'll do this with Partner Peeks, Feature Spotlights, Webinars and more. 

We're always thankful to have both an engaged community that takes the time to learn about tools that they will undoubtedly use on a daily basis.  And we're thankful that we have both new partners and long standing partners that want to support our testing community! 

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