Let Us Help You Become a Pro Member

Let us help you go Pro with Ministry of Testing with our new Pro brochure and pages

You want to become a Pro Member and we want to hit our Pro targets. Let's work together to #ConvinceYourBoss.  


We know it can be hard to find the confidence to ask for training support, but it really is a big benefit to you and your company in the long run.  Not only will you be up to date with the latest developments about testing, but you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make sure your product is being thoroughly tested.  You’ll also be able to work with your development team to ensure the quality of the product is as high as it possibly can be.


Our numerous event and training formats mean you can pick the learning approach that works best for you, selecting the topics that matter the most and fitting them into your schedule. 

Book a Meeting With Us

Do you need guidance?  Maybe you’re struggling to figure out the best way to get your point across? Good news, you can book a meeting with one of our Bosses for you and your manager (or just your manager) to help them understand what’s involved, the benefits and the discounts available!  We’ve slotted in some available dates and times, all you have to do is run it past your manager and book in a time that works best. 

Build a Business Case

It can be hard to put together a business case, so we’ve put our heads together and created a specific Pro Membership page and a Pro Team Membership page, listing the information you need to help make the decision to sign up for a Pro Membership - we have monthly and yearly payment options.  

Read Our Brochure

Pro Team Membership is something that could benefit your team.  A team that learns together and develops a joint understanding will increase quality levels and improve company retention levels.  You want your team to progress on their testing journey and know that they are supported by their company.   

Take some positive steps today to help you along your career path: Book a meeting, download the brochure, get your Pro Membership.