Posted: Nov 23, 2022

TestBash UK 2023: Slight Change of Plans

When we started thinking about TestBash UK 2023 we thought it would be great to bring TestBash UK to Cambridge. This city was chosen because it was the birth location of Ministry of Testing, just over 10 years ago and it would be a great way to do a late celebration of our 10 years anniversary.

But, we didn't know how difficult it was to find a suitable venue in Cambridge that would tick all of our main boxes, such as: central with good transport links, fully accessible with plenty of space for everyone to move around comfortably and with the number of rooms we need to put all the different format of sessions.

You probably know already what I'm going to say next... yes, that search was hard and not a successful one!

TestBash UK 2023 will no longer be happening in Cambridge.


But there is some good news: we found an amazing venue to host the best software testing conference in the UK next year! TestBash UK 2023 will be happening at the Rum Warehouse and West Bay in Liverpool!

In order to confirm this venue we also had to move the dates slightly. TestBash UK 2023 will now be happening on the 20th and 21st of September 2023, on Wednesday and Thursday.

We will be taking over all the venues in this historical Grade-II listed building, over a hundred years old, located in one of the city's most iconic areas, the Stanley Dock.

We are now super excited that TestBash UK 2023 finally has a home, so let the planning start!


Oh, don't forget that the Blind Bird tickets sale finishes at the beginning of January 2023 or as soon as the limit of 50 tickets is reached.

So get yours now to guarantee the cheapest price!

For those who have already bought tickets, thank you! We'll be in touch soon to discuss your options.

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See you at TestBash UK 2023?

- Diana Dromey, EventBoss at Ministry of Testing


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