Automation In Testing Bucks Cancelled
Mark Winteringham
20th July 2022

TestBashX Bucks is fast approaching and preparations are in full swing. Which has given us time to reflect on the Automation in Testing (AiT) training Richard and I planned to run from the 10th to 12th October. Running an Automation in Testing in September in Manchester and another in October in Buckinghamshire was an experiment to see if people would be motivated by training that is closer to their place of work. But what we've learnt is that people preference training that is run nearer to larger conference events. What this means is that whilst AiT Manchester continues to sell well (Early birds are still available - grab them while you can!), AiT Bucks has had less success. This has brought us to the decision to cancel the AiT training in Bucks.

Whilst it's a shame to cancel the training, we've learnt a lot from this experiment and it will give us the capacity to focus on making Automation in Testing Manchester and TestBash UK the best ever. So if you would still like to attend Automation in Testing Manchester, sign up today before the tickets go!