Come Join Us At HolidayBash
Mark Winteringham
Mark Winteringham
8th November 2021

The last year has seen considerable change at Ministry of Testing. We’ve grown into the online learning space with TestBash Home, 99 Minute Workshops and our online challenges and activities. And we couldn’t have done this without the support of all our Pro users, so to thank you, we’ve decided to bring back HolidayBash.

What is HolidayBash?

HolidayBash is an opportunity for us to get together and take a bit of time to look back at how the past year went for us. But also, it’s an opportunity to just have some fun and connect with others. We’ll be running a series of events throughout HolidayBash that you are free to join in or just sit by and watch and enjoy, including:

Wheel of Fortune 2021 - 99 Second Talk Edition

It’s the end of the year, and there’s no better time to look back at all you’ve achieved, overcome, and buried in the depths of your mind! Whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, we learn from our experiences. So in “Wheel of Fortune”, get ready for rapid-fire uncovering of all that’s happened in your testing world. Spin the wheel and share your thoughts on your selected topic for 99 seconds!


Our TestMaster will challenge contestants and attendees to complete a series of weird and wonderful tasks. You will need to use all your testing wits and critical thinking skills to beat the TestMaster! Solve the challenges, delight the TestMaster and win some Ministry of Testing swag!!!

Big Fat Quiz of All Things Testing

It’s a Big Fat Quiz that will challenge panellists and attendees on what they know about Testing, and there are A LOT of questions that need answering!

Community-led Sessions

It’s your party, and you can crochet if you want to 🎵. The community-led sessions are where you take over the party! Attendees are free to run their own activities and invite people to join. So have a think and share your idea on the night. Your activity can be as simple as a hangout chat, a mindfulness activity or a bug hunt; the possibilities are endless!

When is it?

HolidayBash will be held on December 3rd from 2:00pm to 6:00pm GMT and is free to attend for all Pro members. So come join us for some great fun with friends old and new.

– Mark, OpsBoss

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