Exploratory Testing Week: AMA, Masterclass and Discussions Lineup
12th April 2021

Throughout Exploratory Testing Week, we’ll have 3 live webinars for you to attend and learn from.

First up it’s Alex Schladebeck answering all of your questions about how to manage risk in our Ask Me Anything session.

Then we’ll be joined by Naveen Bhati to debunk some exploratory testing myths, learn about the Exploratory Testing Playbook and the importance of exploratory testing in the world of CI/CD, DevOps and shift-left.

Finally, we’ll be joined by Niranjani Manoharan, Monica Arzani and Laveena Ramchandani to have a discussion about how you can report on your exploratory testing. They’ll look at what information is most important when you’re reporting on exploratory testing and how you can adapt your reporting based on your audience.

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