How You Picked The TestBash Home Lineup!
17th May 2021

Put the kettle on, we're coming over! 17-18 June 2021

Thank YOU for helping us to pick the TestBash Home lineup 💙

You’ll often see us on social media asking for your help reviewing abstracts but we’ve never articulated exactly how much that’s helped us with choosing our TestBash lineups. It’s time to share the numbers with you and thank each and every one of you for your contributions to this whole process.

In the past, we’ve averaged around 3-4 reviews per talk submitted. This year, our total number of reviews hit the highest ever with 1324 reviews submitted, that’s an average of 6.8 reviews per abstract!

For TestBash Home, we had a total of 193 abstracts to review and choose 12 talks from. This is no easy task. It’s something that in the past has taken our team up to 4 weeks to do, sometimes longer if we needed individuals to review anonymous batches of abstracts. Once reviewed, we would forecast what kind of talks the community would like to see. 🔮

For TestBash Home 2021, our team has reduced in size and we had Exploratory Testing Week added into the mix. We needed new ways to get your help! Did you spot the notifications on the home page? Every time we hit a milestone with reviews, a message popped up on the timeline to let you know.

This combined with the feedback you all left reduced the amount of time the team had to spend reviewing abstracts down to 1 week. Now we have more time to plan all the other things that will happen at TestBash Home 2021 to make sure it’s another fantastic event for you.

When we say every single review helps, we really mean it. If you only had time to review one abstract, that’s one more review from someone in the community to help us understand the types of talks you’d like to see.

- Heather Reid CommunityBoss @ Ministry of Testing