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14th September 2021

Every 30 Days of Tools challenge has one fundamental goal:

Encourage the community to become aware of, and share, as many tools as possible.

Becoming more tool-aware benefits you, your team, and the community. And we'd like to make that as accessible as possible. So every day in October we'll post a new challenge to help you on your journey to discover new tools and to revisit existing tools in creative ways. Not only is this a brilliant learning opportunity, but we're also hopeful that it starts good conversations throughout the community – in all the places such as Twitter, MoT Slack, LinkedIn, and The Club. We'll be equally excited to know you're discussing tools within and amongst your teams.

It's now possible to subscribe to the daily challenges. Head on over to the 30 Days of Tools topic page and select the "Subscribe to Topic" button.


A screenshot of the 30 Days of Tools Topic page highlighting the Subscribe to Topic button.


Subscribe today and be sure to receive the first challenge on October 1st

And if you have any questions about 30 Days of Tools, don't hesitate to send an email to: We'd love to hear from you!  

– Simon, CommunityBoss