TestBash Netherlands Online is Now Part of Pro
22nd July 2020


The news for Pro members and TestBash keeps getting better and better. We are delighted to tell you that TestBash Netherlands Online is now also part of Pro.

Yet another fantastic benefit to being a Pro Member, your TestBash Netherlands Online 2020 ticket is just a click away. Simply log into MoT, go to the TestBash Netherlands page and click Register. If you’re not already a Pro Member, now is the time to upgrade.   


Make sure you don’t miss out on this great lineup:

  • Embracing Leadership: My Journey to Stop Fearing and Start Leading with Pedro Gonzalez

  • Resilience Testing! Why Should You? with Geoffrey van der Tas

  • Tester's Guide to Managing Biases with Lina Zubyte

  • Unmasking Security: Seeing Through the Eyes of an Attacker with Saskia Coplans

  • The Power of Mocking APIs with Shivani Gaba

  • Learning through Exploration with Alexandra Schladebeck & Zeb Ford-Reitz

  • Voice Is a New Frontier! - Testing next Generation Interfaces with Lucian Adrian Stroie

  • Gold Is in Your Trash Can - How to Maximize Feedback’s Value from Testing with Alexandre Bauduin

  • Test Automation as a Service Team with Jarsto van Santen and Jurian Jildera

  • A Lean Approach to Sharing the Testing with Ali Hill




Not a Pro Member?

Sign Up now from £24.99 a month or save up to 2 months with the yearly subscription for £249.99 and register for TestBash Netherlands Online 2020. Check all the great benefits in going Pro here.


Are the training and workshops also included in the Pro Memberships?

No, you will need to purchase tickets to attend these. Just follow the links below to get your tickets for:

  • Automation in Testing - 3-Day Online Training with Mark Wintringham and Richard Bradshaw (12th to the 14th of October 2020)

  • Workshops - 5 Full-Day Online Workshops on the 15h of October 2020


What About My TestBash Netherlands Tickets?

Whether you have purchased tickets or used some of your credit we will give you either 6 months or 6 months extension on your Pro Membership, so you still get to attend TestBash Netherlands and take advantage of all of our new Pro offerings, such as the brand-new 99-Minute Workshops, other online TestBash events and so much more! This will be done automatically unless we’re not aware of your MoT account if so, we’ll contact you.

You will still need to register for TestBash Netherlands. To do so, log into the MoT website with your MoT account, head over to the event page and click ‘Register’.