TestBash UK 2023 Recordings are Now Available!

You can now re-watch or watch for the first time all the awesome talks from TestBash UK 2023

TestBash UK 2023 Talks have been added to our website and are now available to all Pro Members and TestBash UK 2023 ticket holders.

Get yourself over to the Playlist now to see the phenomenal lineup of talks available. Whether you plan to rewatch an inspiring talk or discover a talk that you missed the first time around.

You can also now see all the Activities from TestBash UK. Do them again with your team or pick a new Activity that you missed out on at TestBash!

Enjoy planning out your goals from your talks and activities, and maybe even join us for ReTestBash on the 2nd of November, to reflect on TestBash UK with the rest of the community. Whatever you do, we would love to hear about your learnings and comments on The Club!


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Diana Dromey

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I'm originally from Portugal and now calling Manchester, UK, my home. I love meeting new people, hosting friends and family, snowboarding, delicious food, binge-watching sci-fi TV shows, photography, my beautiful son, driving and generally life itself!