Testing Trends: The insights and data from the heart of the software testing industry

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At Ministry of Testing we’re on a mission to bring you insights that matter. For years we’ve been at the heart of the community, hosting and facilitating conversations. We’ve done this at a depth that no other software testing organisation has managed to match.

Our forum, The Club, is very much alive and thriving. We pull together a weekly newsletter from what is happening in the community and what is on our radar. We publish articles weekly. We host The Testing Planet monthly events with software testing professionals across the globe. The community amazingly leads with member-led MoT Meetups. We are releasing software testing certifications and shorter ondemand courses. And of course, our TestBash conferences bring us all together for further depth.

And now, Testing Trends is going to pull all of this together. We’re just getting started and we’re excited for what this will bring to Ministry of Testing and the wider software testing community.

It’s not your role to sift through the amazing amount of insights that pass through our doors. We see this as our community obligation going forward. Team Ministry of Testing will do the independent research to inform you and help you make better decisions.

So far we’ve published 10 software testing trends:

  1. What’s another word for “software bug"? Bug can be a triggering word, what alternatives are out there?
  2. Do software testers plan to use AI in software testing within 6 months? The opportunities to use AI in testing are vast, but how soon will you use it?
  3. Is test automation a hard skill that pushes out the soft? Test automation is a much sought-after skill, but is it at the cost of important soft skills?
  4. How much software testing invests into automation efforts: Companies investing in automation can mean many things, but how does your company measure up?
  5. Software testers feel inadequate without test automation skills. You'll have heard testers worry about a lack of automation skills, but how widespread is this concern?
  6. A software tester is…? Many have tried to define what a software tester is but what do testers think?
  7. The percentage of testing utilises AI tools. We have a lot of tools in our toolbox but how many of our tool use AI?
  8. How organisations view AI in testing. AI tools are more available than ever, but how open are companies to using AI in their testing?
  9. What percentage of your testing efforts involve automation? Test automation gets a lot of our attention, but does it get adopted as much as we think?
  10. How do you discover new tools to help with your testing? Enhance your testing toolkit with insights and tips from the testing community

There is much more to come, we’re excited to share more with you in the near future.

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