Three Reasons to Register for Test.bash();

Test.bash(); is only a matter of weeks away, so it's time to take action to register or buy your ticket. Find out why.

Test.bash(); is only a matter of weeks away, so it's time to take action and register or buy your ticket!

So why register? 

  1. Each speaker has a story to tell, to provide their unique experiences and insights. Most of us want to know what tools other testers use and why.
  2. Discover something completely new and/or reimagine your current approach to the tools you use on a daily basis.
  3. Connect with many folks in the community, all of whom might be facing similar tool-related challenges and opportunities. Spark connections and conversations to continue after the event!

We're excited to bring you a new format. We offered speakers the opportunity to speak on one of 4 different topics.  

The sessions will focus on 

  • Approaches to comparing tools
  • Favourite tools and why
  • Tooling for automated testing
  • Staying tool aware

Check out the schedule to see what each speaker has planned!

Test.bash(); tickets are included in Pro memberships - all you have to do is register, or you can buy a ticket! 

If you need some guidance on getting a budget for either option, this article could help you get approval: How to Attain Budgets for Attending Conferences.

Take a few minutes to save your spot for Test.bash(); today and we look forward to seeing you online at 10am (UK time) on 28th October. 🎉

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