What would you want to share with a new software tester?

The Apprentice edition of The Testing Planet is coming, submit to support the next generation of software testers

The Testing Planet is our place to gather monthly as a community to share ideas, insights, news and stories. In July we are hosting The Apprentice, it has a focus on supporting those new to testing.

  • How can the software testing community support the next generation of software testers?
  • What pearls of wisdom would you choose to share?
  • What mistakes did you make in your early career?
  • How would you recommend someone new to software testing approaches their career?
  • What skills are in demand today?
  • How can people get their first job in software testing?
  • What is important, yet not talked about enough?
  • How can you help inspire the next generation?

There are options to contribute with talks, conversations, AMAs, 404 talks and more!

👉 Submit by the end of June 2024 to be considered for The Apprentice.