Why Attend A TestBash?
Mark Winteringham
Mark Winteringham
5th September 2022

Are you still not sure about attending a TestBash? Wondering what value you'll get out of attending? Here are four reasons why attending TestBash is valuable for you.

Community Connection 

Testbash always has a warm and welcoming community. By attending you’ll be part of that and able to make meaningful connections with people that can last a lifetime. People who will be able to support you, celebrate you and learn from you (and you from them). Some of the most important people in my life I've met at conferences have helped me as a tester and as a person.

Getting to know others can feel awkward, but remember being at a conference gives you one key advantage. Everyone at the event is passionate about testing and quality! So we have a great way to easily kick off a conversation by asking "What challenges do you face in testing?". You'll be surprised by what you'll learn and where the discussion takes you.  We also have a quiet room to give you time to decompress and regain some energy. TestBash is a safe space for our attendees, no matter how you decide to engage.

New Knowledge and Skills

Many people come to TestBash to learn new testing topics or attain new skills and techniques. With the testing community’s help, we create line ups that offer a wide range of ideas and experiences to learn from. Because of this diverisity, a key benefit of TestBash is that you might join us with a view to learn something new about Automation. But end up leaving with useful knowledge and skills in areas such as Accessibility, Performance or Quality culture in addition to Automation!

Change Your Career Path

Whilst our conferences lineups are agreed upon months before, there are opportunities you can take advantage of at TestBash that can change your career trajectory. For example, maybe you’ll take part in our 99 Second talks! Many successful members of the testing community started off by giving a 99 Second talk (including our BossBoss!). You'd be surprised how getting the confidence to speak publically for 99 seconds can have on you and your career. Or you may meet someone with a shared interest that you can join with to create something new and exceptional together.

We’ll also have a recruitment fair, maybe your ideal role is just waiting to be discovered.   You might even discover a new found love of a specific area of testing that will shift your focus.

Unique learning format

TestBash has always done learning a little differently to other conferences. We appreciate that not everyone learns in the same way. We’ve worked with our speakers to help them deliver their ideas in the medium of talks, workshops, activities and discussions. So depending on whether you like to learn in a hands on fashion, by listening to a story or through a conversation. We’ve got you covered.

Check out this news piece if you’d like to learn more about our new format for TestBash UK.

Have Your Say

We'd love to hear from you about attending TestBash. Why not share why you attend TestBash on The Club? Or share why you feel TestBash isn't for you. We’re open to learning and adapting. Who knows you might learn something new and change your mind.

Join us

If you’re convinced that TestBash is the place for you, join us at TestBash UK on September 22nd and 23rd. We can’t wait to see you there!