Pollen: A Panel About Polls

18th April 2024
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Talk Description

Why is it called a ‘Pollen’? Well, let us try and explain why this is a pollen. So we have polls and we have panel discussion. And if you kinda mash those two words together, you get the word ‘Pollen’. - Simon Tomes

Join us for a lively discussion on testing and automation in this episode of "Pollen: A Panel About Polls". 

Hosted by Simon and featuring panellists from around the globe, including Natalia, Rosie, and Ashutosh, we delve into the planet of test automation. From exploring the percentage of testing efforts involving automation to discussing the investment companies make in test automation, we cover a wide range of topics. 

Through insightful polls and commentary from the community, we aim to uncover the truth behind automation's role in testing and its impact on testers.


What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Gain insight into the diverse perspectives on test automation, including its prevalence in testing efforts and the perceived importance of automation skills in the industry
  • Understand the challenges and pressures faced by testers in adopting automation, including the balance between automation and manual testing, stakeholder expectations, and the evolving nature of testing roles
  • Explore the significance of soft skills alongside technical expertise in testing, recognising the importance of communication, problem-solving, and strategic thinking in ensuring quality and efficiency in testing processes
Simon Tomes's profile'

Simon Tomes

Community Team

Simon works in the community team at Ministry of Testing and his pronouns are he/him. Currently learning to be a better community enabler, he has a passion for all things testing with a career in various testing roles since 2003. He particularly enjoys promoting and sharing the value of exploratory testing.
Rosie Sherry's profile'

Rosie Sherry


Founder and CEO of Ministry of Testing
Ashutosh Mishra's profile'

Ashutosh Mishra


I am a tester originally from India who moved to Germany in 2022. Testing gives me the scope to play Sherlock with the software – observing and finding anomalies in the most unexpected of places, while I get to blend my childhood fascination with Technology and detectives.Throughout the span of my career of over 9 years as a tester in Software industry, I have worked in multinational companies, as well as in startups.
Nataliia Burmei's profile'

Nataliia Burmei

Senior Test Engineer

I am Nataliia, a Test Engineer who loves travelling, books, learning new languages and sometimes writes on the side. I also love to discover how things work and why they work the way they do. I am a curious person. I have been in testing world for a very long time. I am a self taught engineer who never stops learning. I have worked on many projects and with different people, I truly love building things from scratch, but also keen for a good refactor challenge. I always loved working with backend part of applications, I like to be at the core of the application. Testing and work is only one part of my life. Another big part of it is my family, travelling, friends, books and theatre. I love spending my energy while running outdoors and a good cup of morning coffee makes me very happy.
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