TestBash Philadelphia 2017 Sponsorship


We’re bringing TestBash back to Philadelphia this year. Last year’s event was a huge success! The event itself was packed with excitement, smiles and a tonne of learning. There was also lots of networking and conferring taking place, bringing real value to the attendees.

Last year we were lucky to have had a lot of support from local, and ‘not so local’, companies of all sizes and we’re looking for the same again this year. Your support does really allow us to do all the awesome things that the Ministry of Testing is known for.

We don’t do exhibition stands or sponsored talks. Instead, we do things that will get respect and love from our community. Support us and you’ll get noticed by the most engaged, smart and enthusiastic software testers out there.

We also have several options this year that are designed to fit the format of the Philadelphia event.

If this sounds interesting to you, please have a look at our sponsorship brochure and if you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, my email is in the brochure.

Download Sponsorship Brochure (PDF)

Sign up to our micro-sponsorship below.

TestBash Philadelphia 2017 - Micro-sponsorship

This year you can pay online for the following sponsorships:

Bronze: Micro + Distribution of goodies on TestBash conference day
Micro + Video: Logo on our online videos of the talks + link on TestBash event page
Micro: Logo + link on TestBash event page

Please email richard to enquire about other sponsorship opportunities.
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