30 Days of Tools - Community Roundup #4

Discover some of the highlights of Days 14 to 26 of 30 Days of Tools

From the middle of the month and we're already close to the end of the 30 Days of Tools challenge. Wowzers, where did all that time fly by!? 🦋

That doesn't mean we've missed anything because, well. just check out how much sharing goodness has happened in the last 12 days. A whole tonne of sharing = a whole tonne of learning = a whole tonne of connections. This is community co-creation in full swing. 

With too many to mention, here are just some of the brilliant highlights:

And Richard and Mark have been busy sharing their own reflections and experiences alongside replies shared on The Club. Revisit their daily live streams via this handy YouTube playlist. 📺

Thank you for your energy and for all your sharing. It's amazing! 

👉 What are your highlights as the month comes to an end? Continue the conversation on The Club. 👈

- Simon, CommunityBoss

ps - how did you click the button? 😅

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