Introducing Watch Parties For TestBash World

Discover how you can enjoy TestBash World with your local community

The community’s largest global 24-hour testing conference starts on June 22nd and we couldn’t be happier to announce it’s free to the world!  And now it’s time to announce another exciting part of the event;  Global TestBash World Watch Parties!

What Are TestBash World Watch Parties?

Watch parties are an opportunity for your team, friends or local community to get together and watch TestBash World as a group. During a watch party, you can join others and watch the excellent talks taking place during TestBash World. As well as take part in activities we’ll be hosting throughout the conference. All for free!

TestBash World is all about community, so we’ll also invite watch parties to join us on the TestBash World conference stream. Yes, that’s right. You and your watch party have the option of joining our hosts on the TestBash World stage to introduce yourselves to the global testing community. What an excellent opportunity to showcase your company or local community and friends!

Who Can Run a Watch Party?

Anyone can run a watch party!

You can run your watch party privately with a select group of people. Or you can run them publically with our support and invite members of your local community. And we’ll support you with guides, documents and activity details to help you get the most out of your watch party.

And don’t forget, you have the opportunity to live stream your watch party with us as part of TestBash World.

How Do I Run a Watch Party?

To get all the information you need to run a watch party, head to the TestBash World event page and register your watch party to let us know you plan to run one. We’ll ask you a few questions about where and when you want to run your watch party as well as if you want to join our live stream.

Once you’re registered, we’ll help you get ready with watch party guides and details about the activities we’ll run. You’ll have everything ready in advance to have a great time at your watch party.

Can I Join One?

If you want to attend a watch party, check out our list of public watch parties on the TestBash World events page. You’ll find a list of all the publicly hosted watch parties for you to join (these will be displayed once slots are confirmed). If you don’t have one in your area, find your local meetup and let the organisers know you’d love to attend one. Or you could consider running one yourself…

Also, don’t forget, TestBash World is a 24-hour conference. So if you want to attend the conference after your watch party is over, register for TestBash World today to get access to information and other details about the biggest software testing conference yet!

We’re excited to see how this new adventure in online conferences works, and we can’t wait to meet all your amazing watch parties across the world!

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