Announcing the Awesome Hosts For Test.bash();

Introducing your hosts for Test.bash();. Learn who will be your guides throughout the day.

It's just over a month until Test.bash(); and the exciting schedule is soon to be announced! In the meantime, reserve your spot with your Pro membership or buy a ticket. 🎟

So let me introduce you to the incredible hosts: Callum, Gwen, Laveena, and Vernon.


Callum Akehurst-Ryan – Software tester | Kick ass dungeon master | LGBTQ | NERRRD | Known for their shirts and Ramone the Testing Otter 🦦. Callum loves to share all the things exploratory testing, accessibility, and much more. Check out their AMA, Discussion Panel and Test.bash(); 2019 talk on Testing Progressive Web Apps.


Gwen Diagram – Principal Engineering Manager | One of the organisers of the Leeds Testing Atelier | Lover of dinosaurs, living and dead. Gwen has shared so much with the community. Including this talk on creating testers for the future, how to win with automation and API design & testing.


Laveena Ramchandani – Blogger | Speaker | STEM Ambassador. An incredible community contributor with such articles on coaching and usability testing, plus this TestBash Manchester talk on Data Science Testing


Vernon Richards - who helps organisations improve their quality culture and testing efforts. Vernon has hosted a vast number of TestBashes and Webinars throughout the history of MoT. He currently leads the MoT Essentials workshops


Feel free to give them a shoutout and share words of encouragement wherever you may find them. They'll be incredible hosts to guide you and your team throughout the day. 

See you at Test.bash(); 😃

Simon – CommunityBoss

ps keep your eyes peeled for that schedule announcement coming soon 👀

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