December RoundUp of All Things MoT
10th January 2019

December was a great month, a nice end to 2018.  We're all ready for 2019 and no doubt full of resolutions.  Is one of them to speak at a TestBash?  Or maybe to focus on your professional growth with a pro member account

The Club

A few selected discussions from The Club that we thought you might find interesting.

  • How to test a mobile game? posted by nitin1387. When you're new to mobile games testing, it can be difficult to know where to start or what skills are transferable.
  • Do you have beef with the idea that anyone can test software? posted by rosie. How do you respond to the arguments that anyone can test software, so professional software testers are not needed, in a meaningful way?
  • How Would You Test An ATM? posted by heather_reid. What behaviour would you expect, and not expect, from the ATMs you use?
  • Test Team Structure posted by inkyfreak. What way are teams in your organisation structured and what have you found to be the most effective structure for test teams?
  • Your Most Used or Favourite Swag Item posted by heather_reid. We're mindful of the environment and keeping waste levels low at MoT, so we're wondering what swag items you use every day no matter where you got them from.


The Club Ninja

Each month we select one of our Club users to be our Ninja of the Month.  Our Club Ninja this month is Tuan Tran!


MoT News

New Ministry of Testing Dojo Boss 
We have a new boss, Mark Winteringham is our DojoBoss. We’re very excited to have Mark on board, many of you will know him already from his content on The Dojo, or his many other ventures such as the Software Testing Clinic. For those of you who don’t know Mark, you soon will, he’ll be reaching out to you in due course to find out what you’d like to learn on The Dojo and to see if you’d like to contribute content.

CommunityBoss & Remote Work Follow Up by Heather Reid
Simon Knight wrote a blog post recently about remote working and effective ways to work as a remote worker. This blog post was in response to one from Lisa Crispin about the need for feedback. Having read both and Medium kindly reminding me of my read stats on here, I realised I haven’t written a blog post about remote working and what it’s like being a CommunityBoss.


The Dojo

We have big plans for The Dojo in 2019, including the addition of more software testing video courses like this one from Jim Holmes, and the addition of more features.

To get you started with your learning resolutions here is all the new content from The Dojo this month:

A great last instalment of The Testing Planet 2018What Makes A Good Software Tester, Or What Makes A Software Tester Good? By Kate Paulk
Before talking about what a good software tester is or what makes a good software tester, it helps to define what's meant by a "good software tester". Depending on who you ask, there are at least as many definitions of "good software tester" as there are testers, and any of them can be valid in someone's circumstances.


January Online Events

Testing Ask Me Anything - Robots in Automation - Jason Huggins 15th January 8pm UK Time

Once you've registered you could ask Jason any question you might have around Robots in Automation, here are a few more examples:

  • Why would a tester need a robot?
  • What can robots do that Appium or Selenium can’t do?
  • What are some scenarios where a robot is the right tool for the job?

Once registered we encourage you to ask some questions on the topic in advance, ready for the webinar and upvote any questions you'd like to see answered.  The event is free and completely online, click register below to reserve your place and ask some questions!

Masterclass - From Testing Hell to Testing Well - Adopting Whole Team Approach to Testability - Rob Meaney - 22nd January 8pm UK Time

In today's competitive landscape, where failure can be catastrophic and speed to market is a critical business advantage, development teams are under more pressure than ever to get software from concept to customer in as short a time frame as possible. The speed with which teams can safely get changes into Production is constrained by their understanding of the implications of those changes.

In this masterclass, Rob will recount his testability journey and the lessons he has learned. He will present the models, exercises and workshops he used extensively as a test coach to build a whole team focus on testability.


Future Events

Just a quick sneak peek at what events are coming up in the next few months