Share Your 30 Days of Tools Experience This October

Sharing your story with the testing community is super rewarding. Find out how to submit to talk and contribute to 30 Days of Tools.

I remember when I put together a talk for TestBash Belfast 2017. It was a privilege and also super scary. Yet it taught me about the benefits of sharing with the testing community. I learned more about the topic I was going to talk about, cemented my knowledge, and built excellent connections with those at the event.

I received ecstatic feedback from one of the other speakers later that evening. It was a real buzz. And if I inspired one person in that audience to reflect and try something different then that was a wonderful goal to achieve.

Sharing your story with the testing community is super rewarding. There are plenty of opportunities to do so in October during 30 Days of Tools. And while you might feel like you have nothing new to share, I place a heavy bet that your context and story are new to the community.

Today (Monday 13th September 2021) is the last day for you to submit to talk. Yet the pressure is off as we've chosen five topics for you to choose from. So put yourself forward and work on the detail later. Choose from the following:

  • How Do You Stay Tool Aware?
  • What Are Your Favourite Three Tools and Why?
  • Share Your Current Tooling for Automated Testing
  • What Tool Hacks Have You and Your Team Implemented?
  • What’s Your Approach to Comparing Tools with Each Other?

Your talk can be 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes in length. We are offering a fee of £50 per 10 minutes. So, for a 30-minute talk, we’ll offer a fee of £150.

And if presenting a talk isn't your thing, then consider:

  1. Writing an article
  2. Joining a three-person discussion
  3. Answering anything about testing tools during an Ask Me Anything

The community would love to hear from you!

 – Simon, CommunityBoss

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