Posted: Jan 27, 2022

TestBash World and Ministry of Testing Meetups Are Getting Warmed Up

Eagle-eyed viewers of the Events page will have seen that we’ve just added TestBash World to our listings. We have lots to share about TestBash World in the coming months. However, the most exciting aspect of TestBash World is how it will combine the magic of our past TestBash Home events and our Ministry of Testing meetups.

We’re committed to creating an event that celebrates our international testing community whilst making it accessible to everyone. Our initial plan involves creating an online event that you can take part in either from the comfort of your home or at a local meetup. The event itself will be filled with activities and live streams from meetups, meaning we’ll all be connected wherever we are.

These are early plans, and there is a lot to do. But in the meantime, you can help make TestBash World an event to remember by:

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