Posted: Dec 31, 2017

Top Ten TestBash Talks Of 2017

Top Ten TestBash Talks Of 2017

As Chosen By MoT Bosses

In 2017 we hosted a record number of six TestBashes across the globe; next year we are hosting even more and in three new locations!! If you did not manage to make any of the TestBashes, don't worry all our TestBash talks are available on our learning platform The Dojo.

We heard a total of 66 talks at TestBash events this year, many of which were from new speakers, all of which were awesome. Despite the collective awesomeness, the MoT bosses have put their heads together and would like to share their chosen top ten TestBash talks of 2017:

  1. How To Misuse 'Automation' For Testing, Fun And Productivity by Alan Richardson at TestBash Netherlands on 27th January 2017.

In this talk, Alan explains how to ‘misuse’ the ‘automation’ tools you’ve heard so much about, he reveals their true nature, and how you can turn this to your personal advantage. If you’ve ever wanted an expert to quote giving you permission to use the tools how you want, this is the talk for you.   

  1. Step Back to Move Forwards: A Software Testing Career Introspective by Del Dewar at TestBash Brighton on 24th March 2017.

Del uses two decades of his own experience to consider the case for traditional career advancement, and explores the potential benefits of a new career paradigm. As the title suggests, perhaps that involves taking a step backwards to move forwards.

  1. The Tester’s Survival Guide To Joining A Continuous Delivery Project by Amy Phillips at TestBash Brighton on 24th March 2017.

Amy shares her survival guide that will set you up for your first day on any Continuous Delivery project. You’ll be equipped to avoid the pitfalls, spot the opportunities, and you’ll see how testing is essential for successful Continuous Delivery.

  1. A Tale Of Testability by Rob Meaney at TestBash Belfast on 18th May 2017.

Discover how Rob’s team transformed a bloated and ineffective release cycle, over a 12 month period, by using a whole team approach focused on building testability into the product.

  1. Cynefin for Testers by Liz Keogh at TestBash Belfast on 18th May 2017.

Liz looks at how a tester's mindset and skills can bring much-needed clarity in a world of change, where quick reactions to problems are often better approaches than trying to predict them.

  1. Dear Future Me... A Letter to Myself about Testing, the Universe and Everything by Alex Schladebeck at TestBash Germany on 6th October 2017.

In a letter to herself, Alex shares ways of keeping her passion and motivation alive, and of the experiences that aided her career steps on her testing path. This is a feel-good talk that reinforces what we do is worthwhile and important, and is relevant to many testers at various stages of their careers.

  1. The Fraud Squad - Learning to manage Impostor Syndrome as a Tester by Claire Reckless at TestBash Manchester on 27th October 2017.

Impostor Syndrome is something that a lot of successful and intelligent people suffer from; its effects can be debilitating. Claire talks about how her own feelings of Impostor Syndrome have affected her testing career, how she manages these negative feelings, and how it has enabled her to start making a positive contribution to the testing community.

  1. Quality != Testing by Anne-Marie Charrett at TestBash Manchester on 27th October 2017.

Anne-Marie explores the importance of understanding quality in the context of contemporary engineering practices such as Extreme Programming, CI/CD and Devops. When quality is owned collectively, it can facilitate testability and shift testing closer to the design process. This talk is a must for those moving to contemporary engineering approaches.

  1. I've Got A Feeling: Thoughts About Myself and The State Of Testing by Ash Coleman at TestBash Philadelphia on 10th November 2017.

Ash reveals her thoughts on present and recurring debates among the testing community, and shares hers and others tester origin stories. It’s a relevant, powerful and enlightening talk that gives you much food for thought.

  1. Tests Your Pipeline Might be Missing by Gene Gotimer at TestBash Philadelphia on 10th November 2017.

Gene reveals all the types of tests that are required to develop successful delivery pipelines and prevent problems slipping through. He discusses specific tools that can be used to supplement pipeline testing, highlighting all the testing opportunities that are out there.

So, why not grab yourself a coffee and get stuck in?

Please note, some of the TestBash talks are available to watch with a free Club membership account but all the things are available with Pro membership… there are even top deals on Pro membership accounts for testing teams! Worth checking out for 2018 and beyond!

Best wishes for the new year!

MoT Bosses

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