Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 416

Shall we keep talking about AI? Plus many helpful business posts, lots of new testing events and questions for you to answer. All in this week's newsletter.

AI is everywhere. And it isn't going away. 

With that in mind, I think it's important to keep the discussion open about how AI has an impact on our testing profession. And I believe it's helpful for us to dig into what that means for our roles and the people we work with. I might sound like a broken record as I've mentioned AI a number of times in previous newsletters. Or maybe I sound like a broken machine! — trust me I did write this all myself — yet I'd like to remind folks of these conversations:

Join in or start your own discussion topic about AI and testing. 

Now back to this week. Over 500 people are due to attend TestBash Spring. That is a colossal number of the testing community up for learning and connecting with each other. See you Thursday! 😃

✍️ And finally, just for fun, how about writing a haiku about software testing? I have a good feeling you'll enjoy what's already been written.

Have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

🙋 Can you help with the following?

  1. testerfromliverpool would like to know how you demonstrate the value of your automation efforts
  2. Isn’t HTSM equally applicable when creating requirements? wonders Nilanjan
  3. Share your thoughts about a zero-bug policy
  4. Have you written a blog this month? Add your blog post to this thread and help a fellow testing professional.
  5. Alexander is after a tool to simulate a bad internet network


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Simon is a CommunityBoss at Ministry of Testing and his pronouns are he/him. Currently learning to be a better community enabler, he has a passion for all things testing with a career in various testing roles since 2003. He particularly enjoys promoting and sharing the value of exploratory testing.

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