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How do you talk about quality with people who aren't testers? Find out what's been happening in the testing community plus testing events to support your career growth. All in this week's newsletter.

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How do you talk about quality with people who aren't testers?

This was the topic of discussion during last week's This Week in Testing. We agreed it's important to understand what quality means for the people we work with closely, such as developers and product managers, as well as people we don't work with on a day-to-day basis, for example, senior leadership.

Al Goodall highlighted that we need to try to connect and understand their quality language. Paul Maxwell-Walters proposed a helpful question to ask yourself and others, "Where is quality in the context of the company?". Incidentally, Al is speaking at TestBash Autumn this week on a similar topic: How Collaborating with the Wider Business Helps with Testing.

Here's what else the testing community have been sharing. 



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New-to-MoT to check out this week

📂  What do jewellery making, carpentry and construction have in common with software quality? Find out in this article by Atmaram Naik: Drawing Parallels Of Software Quality With Other Fields  
📂 Ask Me Anything - Holistic Testing with Janet Gregory. How has holistic testing had a significant impact on a product's quality? What does holistic testing even mean? How do you build it into your ways of working? Find out answers to these questions plus several more. Hosted by the brilliant Vernon Richards.

📂  In this feature spotlight, Diogo Rede explains how milestones can help organise all your testing efforts into one place.  

One more thing. Here's a message from Áine McGovern, our MarketingBoss.

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Have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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