We Don't Need Testers!? Really?

Weekly Software Testing Newsletter: We Don't Need Testers!? Really?


Welcome back!  This week Heather, our CommunityBoss, wanted to share an interesting article. 

"Two Heads Are Better Than One: The Benefits of Pair Testing Across Disciplines - I loved pairing with other team members but I couldn't always explain why it was beneficial. I love how Anneliese has captured the reasoning here. It gives me something clear to refer back to when I want to encourage people to pair again."

- Heather CommmunityBoss

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What's New With Ministry of Testing? 

We've some new webinar recordings, lean coffees and lots of training opportunities!

☕️  We have set up a lean coffee session to allow you the chance to keep the conversation going after our next Ask Me Anything.  Perfect opportunity to learn more and share your problems or ideas! 

There's a lot of talk about WebdriverIO at the minute.  You have the chance to join Julia Pottinger on the 1st Feb for 3 days of hands on training, taking you from a beginner to advanced framework user by the end. 🚀 

Our first themed week of 2021 is going to be all about UI Automation.  We're planning challenges, talks, workshops, it's all being finalised as I type!  You can read more about it and register your interest in being notified when it goes live.

💡 Hundreds of you tuned in to watch Larissa's presentation on applying design thinking to your test user journeys.  It's fair to say there were plenty of "light bulb" moments.  The recording is now available to watch.

Another first for you, an Automation in Testing Online Cohort!  Why Cohort? A cohort is simply a group of people who will be learning together. By signing up to this course you are joining a group of individuals who will attend each of the online classrooms with you and support during self-learning activities throughout the month of March.

Julia Pottinger recently did a talk for our Belfast Meetup group online "Agile Tester Toolkit - Make an Impact".  The meetup recording is now available to everyone to watch  📺

See our latest news and Dojo additions, catch up on anything you might have missed in the last few weeks. 

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We've picked out a few posts from our Clubblog and podcast feeds that we think would be useful to you. 

It's more important than ever to remember that relationships are just as important in the world of IT. This was a great reminder from Jesper's "Relations are about half of IT".

🤔  Melissa is wondering how do you feel when a customer reports a bug? Is it a different feeling to when you find one yourself?

It's always useful to have reminders for when we're testing, to help guide us as well as generate new test ideas.  This post is filled with testing heuristics and mnemonics, perfect to act as those gentle reminders that we all need.  

Could you help Augustinas with setting up parallel tests for selenium automation?

How many times have you heard the phrase “We Don’t Need Testers”? What do you think when you hear this phrase? 🤷‍♀️  

Upcoming MoT Events

All of our upcoming events - including training, Masterclasses, Ask Me Anythings and Panel Discussions. 

If you're interested in finding out about future meetups, whether online or in person, please check out the Club meetup section or keep an eye on the Slack Events channel. 


Posts selected from our business feed.  Highlighting interesting posts from our annual partners for 2021 - they make sure we're able to bring you excellent events, articles and everything else we do! 
A tester walks into a bar. They order 1 beer, 0 beers, 9999 beers, and an orange - or so the joke is told. But how do you handle scenarios with thousands of permutations? Get some ideas on how to approach this with this post

We can always do with more testing ideas, here are 4 Ways to Generate Quick Test Ideas

There is a lot of buzz around Visual Testing these days, is it all hype or is there something more behind it?  Read for yourself and decide if it will be part of your reality.

Switching from Selenium to Cypress, TestCafe or Playwright? There seems to be a lot of change happening within companies, shifting to new platforms. 

The conversion around the testing mindset can often lead to controversy, maybe getting another perspective could help shed some light on the discussions.

99-Minute Workshops - January & February 2021

Find out what time the workshops are happening in your time zone by clicking on a workshop. Have a look at all our 99-Minute workshops.  


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