New Testers Welcome: Software Testing News - Issue 460

How do we support those new to testing? Discover many ways to join the testing conversation and register for testing events. Read it all in this week's newsletter.

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Here's a roundup of some of the things happening in the testing community. Let's go! 🚁


Accessibility Testing

  • John Gimber explores the levels of automated accessibility testing. "Automated accessibility testing (AAT) is great and is seen as the “gold standard” by many, but some often curse this accessibility testing, thinking of it as a drag, or an expense that they just do not want to deal with." 



Bug Reporting


  • Ben Dowen had a little watch party at work and watched Quality + Data Engineering: How to Thrive by James Prescott, with a small audience of Quality Engineers and people in data roles. What watch party could you set up with your colleagues? What topic would be relevant to their context?
  • We have more MoT meetups arriving on our events page. Sheffield, Manchester, Berlin and Leeds. 🎉
  • How did you stumble upon Ministry of Testing? Feel free to send us an email. It's always fascinating to learn how folks discover the community. A recent poll of 441 people revealed that nearly 50% of respondents found MoT via social media and 30% via a recommendation. 😍


  • "As a leader, you offer this space to everyone, even those who operate and behave differently from you." Glints in Leadership by Anne-Marie Charrett. 


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Have a good week.

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