Software testing news – Issue 471: Test we can

What's the most niche thing you've tested? Read a roundup of news, events, trends and ideas from the testing, QA and quality engineering community in this week's software testing news.

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What's been happening in the testing, QA and quality engineering community? Let's go! ⛵️

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Exploratory Testing

  • Learn the main concepts of exploratory testing and how it differentiates from other established approaches, such as scripted testing with step-based tests. Human-Centric Exploratory Testing with Sérgio Freire.


  • Thanks, Mahathee Dandibhotla, for sharing the MoT version of the test heuristics cheat sheet. It's such a helpful cheat sheet to support our testing efforts.

Just for Fun

I hope you have a great week.

— Simon Tomes, part of the Community Team at Ministry of Testing


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Can test automation be more than just "PASS" or "FAIL"?
Join Paul Grizzaffi for a Zebrunner Expert Series webinar titled "Beyond Red & Green: Hidden Insights of Automation Reporting". On May 23rd, he'll delve into unlocking the true power of your test automation reporting.


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