Software testing news – Issue 477: Testers on the mind

What role does your tester mindset play? Read a roundup of news, events, trends and ideas from the testing, QA and quality engineering community in this week's software testing news.

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What's been happening in the testing, QA and quality engineering community? Let's go! 🚌



  • Aj Wilson joins Ministry of Testing as a Lead Insights and Trends Analyst. Aj is an incredible community person: knowledgeable, welcoming, inclusive, kind, insightful, encouraging, fun, conversational, supportive, thoughtful, creative plus much more! I feel she'll be an amazing addition (multiplier!) to the team here at Ministry of Testing. 🎉
  • A few more meetups to join. Munich on 11th July and 24th July – a two-in-a-month whammy! Plus Berlin on 17th July
  • "Collective success is the thing that is valuable and the thing we reward." Drew Pontikis shared this during last week's The Testing Planet. Isn't it great?
  • Glad you're happy to be featured on the membership page, Rahul Parwal and Marie Cruz (via Slack). We're glad to celebrate you!
  • Nicola Martin amplifies (Extra)ordinary Tech Stories. Do check out what they're up to. 
  • We've started a new introductions thread for folks to introduce or reintroduce themselves to the community. Come say hi. 👋
  • A couple of events worth considering. This Week in Testing most Fridays: Debrief the week in testing via a LinkedIn radio show. And Office Hours every Wednesday: Stuck on a software testing challenge or just looking to get more out of your Ministry of Testing membership? Connect with the Ministry of Testing team and other members, get advice, and learn how to maximize the benefits of your membership.
  • What is "Ambassadoring"? Find out from Ben Dowen.


Bug Reporting

A poll with four options. Text: How long does it take from reporting a bug to a fix being available for retest? Within hours, a day or so, up to two weeks, I'd rather not say! 111 votes

Career Growth




Exploratory Testing

  • "This demonstrates to me what testing is all about. Learning, reporting observations and exploring whether there’s anything the team wants to change." – Melissa Fisher's flurry of bugs.


  • "Heuristics can cause problems and biases and shouldn’t always be relied on, but usually, they are a good measure of what action to take if you know the source. Trust your gut.". Aj Wilson shares the WITCH heuristic. 🧙

AI in Testing


Test Strategy

Developer Relations

API Testing


  • You might not break Tobias Geyers' record for the fastest time between "seeing a post" and "getting an order confirmation" yet there's still time to order a Pride 2024 'Testing' t-shirt. Profits will be donated to an LGBTQIA+ cause. 🏳️‍🌈


I hope you have a great week.

— Simon Tomes, Community Lead at Ministry of Testing



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"We believe people have so much to give, but when it comes to submissions it is our role at MoT to find the best place for them to fit. We do not want them to gather dust." 

Read more from MoT's founder and CEO, Rosie Sherry, in her post: A look inside our Continuous Call for Contributions process.


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