Year of AI: Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 453

What does 2024 have in store for you? Find out what's been happening in the testing community and join testing events to support your career growth. All in this week's newsletter.

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Welcome to the first Ministry of Testing newsletter of 2024. It's Simon here with a round-up of what's been happening in the testing community. Let's go! 🧭


  • Alan Barr shares interesting reflections on how we are using AI in his latest AI/LLM Testing Podcast. He highlights that he has fewer distractions when carrying out research. "There is less friction to learn. There really is no reason to at least try it." Great advice from Alan!  
  • Check out this partner webinar with LambdaTest to explore the evolving testing landscape and its future with AI. You'll learn how AI is revolutionizing testing strategies and discover practical AI use cases with examples.

Agile Testing

  • Kristin Jackvony shared nine reasons why testing becomes a bottleneck. A couple of them stood out: "The team is relying too much on UI automation" and "Developers are not contributing to test automation". What about you? 
  • How might you apply agile testing to your team’s existing workflows? TestRail's Chris Faraglia shares many tips and advice in this partner webinar.


Bug reporting




  • The Test Exchange is an opportunity to gather, get to know each other and explore ways of helping us all on our journey of advancing our software testing career. Join us on Thursday 25th January. The inaugural Test Exchange was a success so we're doing it again. Myself and MoT founder, Rosie Sherry, are hosting and it's open to all, no matter where you're at in your testing career. 😃
  • In case you missed the news, TestBash is coming back to Brighton, UK! Read the official announcement. As well as attending the two-day software testing conference, you could also take on these roles. 🎉
    • Facilitator: Create and facilitate a group activity.
    • Ambassador: Create connections before, during and after TestBash. 
    • Speaker: Present a 20-30 minute talk. 
    • Teacher: Host a 99-minute workshop
  • #ContributingInNewWays is a hashtag you might want to follow. Lisi Hocke has set out her ambitions for 2024. "Contributions need to be courageous, something I haven't done yet that I find scary enough while being ready to give it a try." Lisi has a history of doing amazing things each year. Follow along and be inspired! You can also add your ambitions to this thread
  • "Growth always happens when you step out of your comfort zone." Parveen Khan reflects on 2023.
  • Steve Watson reminds us "There is no need to compare what you did against other people – our lives and commitments are all different." 💯 Read his 2023 year in review.
  • Congrats to Clare Norman on her promotion to Senior Quality Coach. 🏆 If not on your radar, Clare spoke at a TestBash where she shared tonnes of quality coaching advice.
  • There are plenty of exciting hot topics for 2024 and no doubt we'll continue to explore them. 2024 will be the year of AI. However, I'm curious to know, what are we not talking about enough?

Just for fun


New to Testing

Public Speaking

  • We've partnered with Ady Stokes to share practical tips for crafting accessible presentations. Read: Making Your Presentations More Accessible. The bonus for the writers out there, it can also be applied to blog posts and articles! 🎤

Quality Culture

  • Richard Forjoe asks if we should make a distinction between the craft of quality advocacy and the craft of testing. Do you find yourself leaning towards quality advocacy or improving your hands-on testing skills? Add to the conversation.
  • Sam McCall from mabl shares five ways to foster a culture of quality in a DevOps world in this partner webinar. 
  • Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory's first Agile Testing Fellowship newsletter of 2024 goes live this week. I've admired Lisa and Janet's writing ever since reading their "Agile Testing" book so I imagine this newsletter will be packed with helpful advice.

Strategy & Methodologies

Test Cases

Have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


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