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What has the testing community been talking about? Discover testing events and many ways to learn and connect. Seek inspiration from your fellow testers in this week's newsletter.

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What's been happening in the testing community? 

First up, thank you to everyone who took part in ReTestBash UK last week. What a fun way to reconnect with the many things we learned at TestBash UK. Great to see so many questions asked and answered on a number of important topics. We covered strategy, accessibility, communication, learning, security, performance and automation. 

I counted 73 questions from the community which sparked another 37 from Team MoT. That's 110 questions! We'll resurface them over the coming months to spark learning and connection opportunities. The speakers shared an incredible amount of knowledge during all the Ask Me Anything sessions. Keep a look/listen out for the recordings coming soon to the MoT platform.

Here's what else the testing community have been talking about. 

Accessibility Testing





Strategy & Methodologies

There are three new MoT site resources to check out this week. 

1️⃣ Nicola Lindgren expertly bridges the gap between testers and stakeholders, as she answers key questions from the community. Watch Ask Me Anything - Talking Testing With Stakeholders.

2️⃣ Sam McCall demonstrates the mabl Mailbox, which is an email inbox you can use to automate the email journey. Watch mabl Mailbox with Sam McCall.

3️⃣ Compatibility testing is crucial to ensure a quality user experience no matter the operating system, device, or browser. Read Compatibility Testing Tools by Kasturi Rajamanikkam.

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Have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


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A big crowd of people networking in a conference room space.
Connect with fellow testers at TestBash Autumn 2023


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  1. 🔥 Hot Topic: ISTQB Certification - Thoughts, Experiences, Tips?
  2. How do you inspire growth and innovation in team members who are happy where they are?
  3. Susanne asks, which resources can I use to learn to ask good questions?
  4. Olesja could do with your advice about learning web automation with Nightwatch.js.
  5. Trisha would like to know, what would you prioritize to break into software testing with no experience? And a related question, Sina asks where should I start?
  6. Mark is curious to learn how you foster collaboration and sharing in your team
  7. Maksim Zinovev is looking for a mentor. Can you support them? 
  8. Is the following password reset mechanism free from any security concerns?


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