Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 448

How can we spread the good word about testing and quality? Discover many ways to join the testing conversation and register for testing events. Read it all in this week's newsletter.

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How can we spread the good word about testing and quality? 

That's exactly what Nicola Sedgwick did last week. She spoke at CTO Craft Conference about embedding a culture where quality is everyone’s responsibility. Sanne Visser attended their first developer conference. Kristof Van Kriekingen gave a workshop at a school to students about API testing and security. Great to see community folks go beyond the testing community to spread the good word. Could you do something like that?

Here's what else the testing community have been spreading. 

API Testing



Reading code

Soft skills

Strategy & Methodologies

If you're looking for your next job and need advice on your CV/resume, I noticed Leigh Rathbone kindly sharing his CV and Interview Hints and Tips document again. Worth checking out. We also have this article by Elizabeth Zagroba: How To Interview Like A Tester and this discussion about creating CVs that get you noticed

📂 New article: Ashutosh Mishra talks about latency issues and their impact on mobile applications. How Does Your Mobile Application Handle Internet Connection Issues? You Might Be Surprised


Have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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A big crowd of people listening to a talk at a conference. There is a monster illustration.
Connect with fellow testers at TestBash Autumn 2023


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  1. 🔥 Hot topic: ISTQB Certification - Thoughts, Experiences, Tips?
  2. How do you test 3rd party generative AI models? asks Sean
  3. João would like your advice about QA metrics. Have a look at their ideas. What feedback can you share?
  4. How do you call out your manager if you see they are distracted during a 1-2-1?
  5. Mark would like to know, how do you mock different locations on your test devices?
  6. Why should we invest our time in doing security testing?
  7. How can you lead a long-standing team with a ‘people-first’ approach without disrupting their existing system?
  8. What does systems thinking mean to you?


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